Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Body Sculpt (60 Min)

A dynamic and invigorating workout, with full body resistance training aimed to workout every muscle! A unique combination of Power Yoga, Pilates, Core Training and Cardio that will leave your muscles aching and your mind focused.

Dance Cardio (60 Min)

A shout out to our ladies! ‘Dance Cardio’ is our latest class addition, catering to women who want to work up a sweat, burn calories and dance the day away with a smile. A fusion of dance and cardio fitness combined – this class will have you moving and grooving away with a smile and a giggle, leaving you pumped for the day ahead!

Adult Tap (60 Min)

Perhaps you have watched the movie Happy Feet with your kids and those adorable penguins got you moving your feet too!

Come and join us for a fun evening tap dancing. Our class accommodates beginners to intermediate level where you will learn all of the basics and foundational steps for tap. Shuffle on over now to book your trial with us today!

Adult Ballet (60 Min)

Our new Adult Ballet class will teach you the foundational steps of ballet, terminology and style…you’ll be feeling like a prima ballerina in no time! Beginners to intermediate welcome, the perfect way to strengthen and tone your muscles with grace and elegance! Click below to book your trial today.

Adult Jazz (60 Min)

It’s time to let loose and have some fun with this high energy, funky and sassy jazz class! Accommodating beginners to intermediate level – you don’t need to worry if you’ve never danced before, we will teach you all the basics and before you know it you will be dancing the night away! Book your trial with us today.