Children’s Classes

Children's Classes

Mini Movers (45 Min)

1.5 – 3 years

‘Mini Movers’ is a fantastic bonding class for you both whilst developing much needed skills in rhythm and movement. From nursery rhymes to fairy wands, these popular classes are very much a team effort that will leave you both with plenty of new techniques to practice together, full of imagination and creativity.

Tiny Tots (45 Min)

3 – 5 years

‘Tiny Tots’ is a drop off class where they gain a little more independence, and is a natural progression from ‘Mini Movers’. Here they continue to expand their knowledge of ballet and jazz, as well as having the chance to let their imaginations grow further. They experience teamwork with their classmates, and are given the chance for their growing personalities to shine through.

Advanced Tiny Tots (45 Min)

4 – 5 years with previous dance or drop off experience

‘Advanced Tiny Tots’ is a drop off class teaching the techniques, discipline and etiquette of both ballet and jazz, whilst expanding their use of creativity and imagination through the art of dance. This class is a suitable interim between ‘Tiny Tots’ and ‘Little Dancers’, ideally for those who have had some previous dance experience or are of the correct age and are confident with a drop off class where they are ready to shine!

Tiny Beats (45 Min)

3 – 5 years

‘Tiny Beats’ is a drop off class focusing on two new styles –  Tap Dance and Hip Hop. This is the perfect introductory class for ‘little feet that hear the beat’ and want to learn these new and awesome styles of dance! A great class for both boys and girls where they’ll be introduced to new rhythms and exciting cool moves, whilst having a whole lot of fun.

Little Dancers (60 Min)

5 – 8 years

The next big step up from our ‘Tiny Tots’ class! Continuing to develop their technique, knowledge and skills in dance and rhythm. ‘Little Dancers’ is a fun and enjoyable way to focus a little more intently on the disciplines that dance requires. A 60 minute lesson in which time is divided equally between both ballet and jazz, whilst learning about team work, independence and growing their little minds creatively.

Little Rhythm & Beats (60 Min)

5 – 8 years

Do you know a pair of tiny feet that won’t sit still? ‘Little Rhythm & Beats’ will get them moving! The perfect introductory class into the world of tap dance and hip hop, for age 5 – 8 year olds. A fun and fast moving class learning all about the wonder of rhythm and the sounds that we can create with our feet whilst learning the intricate moves and fun floorwork tricks that come with hip hop too.

Street Jazz/Hip Hop (45 Min)

5 – 8 years

Come and join in the fun and funk at Hip-Hop! The perfect class where your little one can bust a move in style, bond with friends and learn the freshest moves and grooves!

Musical Theatre (45 Min)

3 – 8 years

A great introductory class into the world of Musical Theatre. Exploring the wonderful world of dance, singing and acting all in one. A jam-packed class that will leave your little one buzzing for the spotlight with their classmates!

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